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We offer a unique and expanding portfolio of services for today's digital workplace. You can DIY with our free tools or choose the unbeatable value of our hosted solutions and active support.

Our virtualization technology is open source and 100% portable, so there's no vendor lock‑in. It's reliable, flexible, private, secure and works seamlessly with on‑premise or cloud‑based platforms.

Join us! We've been delivering smarter, simpler, better computing solutions for businesses, professional practices, nonprofits and other workgroups since 1997. Create an account to view current offers.

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Digital Workplace Solutions

We offer a select range of high‑quality, best‑value computing solutions for…

  • Workgroup collaboration
  • Realtime communication
  • Business continuity
  • Global enagagement
  • Create an account to view current offers. Select from no charge (self‑serve) or paid service options. Add, change or cancel services and subscriptions whenever you like. Use our tools for free or pay us to help you…

  • Set up, test and deploy new workloads.
  • Migrate existing workloads (including legacy and non‑x86 workloads) from on‑premise or cloud servers.
  • Create backups and failovers for workloads.
  • Monitor, manage and maintain workloads.
  • Our technology is…

  • Open source, with no license fees and no vendor lock‑in.
  • Proven, safe and 100% portable.
  • Compatible with all your existing on‑premise and cloud‑based computing activities.
  • Active Support

    Skilled proactive technical support is essential to making your digital workplace reliable, available and secure. We offer subscription plans to monitor, manage and maintain select workloads running in our virtualized computing environments. Our focus and key objective is preventing downtime.

    Portable Private Operating Domain (Pod)

    Active Support plans typically provide:

  • Automated backups of files and data sets
  • Recovery testing and backup set validation
  • Software updates and patching
  • Status monitoring and remedial intervention
  • Activity and change logging and reporting
  • Online ticketing and telephone callback
  • Out‑of‑scope services at preferred rates
  • Pricing

    Active Support plans are available for our select group of hosted solutions. Sign in to your account console to view current offers.

    Custom plans

    For other workloads deployed in our virtual environments we must perform a preliminary no‑charge assessment before we can offer you an Active Support plan. If the assessment is positive we present you with an offer to develop and price a plan specifically for your environment. If you accept our offer we perform the following process…


    We examine the virtual environment as we find it. We investigate its configuration and catalog the components: applications, services and data sets. We identify the components we will be able to monitor, update, patch, back up and recover.


    Based on the results of discovery we develop, document and price an Active Support plan for your existing environment. We list the specific activities and procedures we will perform, and their objectives. The plan defines the scope and limits of the offer and the monthly fee.


    Upon your acceptance of the specification we set up the administrative, technical and reporting procedures for your custom plan within our internal systems. You may be asked to take some actions to complete the enrollment. Finally, you must pay the subscription fee.

    Go live

    We set up and configure any software, services or other components required by the Active Support plan and the subscription begins.

    Plan features

    Both standard and custom subscription plans generally offer in‑scope coverage for backup, recovery, updates, monitoring, reports and help. Additional out‑of‑scope services are also available.


    Specified filetrees and data sets are copied to archives for subsequent recovery in case of error, accident, failure or malicious action. Data backup support includes…

  • Defined RPOs and RTOs
  • Separate physical storage sites
  • Multiple point‑in‑time versions
  • In‑flight and at‑rest encryption
  • Automated, scheduled, verified
  • Recovery

    Data backup archives are retrieved from storage and restored as required. Data recovery support includes…

  • Integrity checks of archived data
  • Recovery testing from backup archives
  • On‑demand access to archived content
  • Updates

    Vendor updates and patches are, as available, reviewed and applied to specific software in your virtual environment, depending on the Active Support plan. The covered software is verified working after update or patching. Failed updates and patches are rolled back.

    Updates and patches typically fix software bugs, add features, enhance performance and resolve security issues. Applying updates and patches helps maintain the reliability, availability and security of business‑critical software.


    The availability and performance of specific systems, services and applications in the virtual environment are actively monitored. If a problem or failure is detected an alert is generated, triggering an investigation, followed by remedial intervention as necessary.

    Status monitoring tools deployed in the virtual environment observe, analyze and report on the components covered by the Active Support plan. Our engagement tools receive and act upon the reported information. These interactions are mostly automated and manual interventions are uncommon.

    Monitoring provides information necessary to understand how the covered systems, services and applications are performing momentarily and over time. This determines any remedial or preemptive actions required to avoid or minimize downtime, which is our key objective.


    All maintenance activities, notes, comments and recommendations are documented and recorded. Incident reports are prepared and provided to you when interventions occur or investigations are resolved. A full history of all reporting is present in the system status and change logs accessible from your account console.


    Our trouble ticketing and telephone callback services are available 24/7 to handle in‑scope service requests and inquiries. Sign in to your account console to view Active Support help pages and to create, view or reply to trouble tickets. Callback service is only available to Active Support subscribers.


    Your monthly subscription fee covers the activities, procedures and services listed in your Active Support plan. On request and as available, out‑of‑scope services are billable at preferential rates as shown in our Rate Card.

    Terms of service

    Subscriptions run from month‑to‑month. Payment is due on or before the commencement date and each renewal date. You may cancel a subscription at any time. On cancellation any prepaid months are refunded. Reinstatement fees may apply to a lapsed or cancelled subscription.

    Virtualized Computing

    hostnode⇢ pods⇢ workloads, containers, virtual machines
  • Convert any x86‑64 server into a hostnode. You can DIY using our free tools or pay us to do it for you. Create an account to view all current offers.
  • A hostnode may be located on your premises, in your data center, in one of our data centers, or at a public hosting site. Nearly any generic x86‑64 computer will do… which means huge cost savings over cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google.

  • Partition each hostnode into as many portable private operating domains (pods) as you need and your hardware will support. Or you can skip the DIY and subscribe with us for as many pods as you want. Create an account to view current subscription offers
  • Each pod is an independent, secure and complete computing environment with its own multi‑processing, storage and network resources. A pod is 100% software… it may be created, deleted, copied, stored and moved between hostnodes. A pod may also be “promoted” to a stand‑alone installation that runs on its own individual x86‑64 server.

  • Deploy workloads in your pods and to containers or virtual machines within each pod. You can DIY, pay us for help with specific deployment needs, or choose from our subscription solutions. Create an account to view all current options.
  • Run workloads directly within each pod's private GNU/Linux operating environment or further isolate your workloads in containers (Docker or Podman) and virtual machines (KVM and QEMU). Use containers to completely separate multiple workloads within the same pod. Use virtual machines to run workloads that need specialized, obsolete or non‑x86 operating environments. Isolate your workloads in pods, containers and virtual machines to make them independently observable, available, serviceable and portable.